🤝Community Involvement

Event Horizon acknowledges both individual and collaborative endeavors. However, this incentive is for the team players.

Some work better as part of a team, while others prefer to remain lone agents. With that in mind, Community Involvement may not prove to be a significant incentive for some, while others may find it to be exactly what they wanted.

Every user who completes a significant milestone through the Achievement System will have the opportunity to get involved with the creation of Season Two.

We hope to involve enthusiastic users in a continued creative effort to produce more entertaining, educational and innovative content. There will be opportunities for creative writing input and providing feedback for the designs of the NFTs themselves, as well as coming up with entirely new features and use-cases for the project and/or future projects.

We believe this kind of collaborative approach will encourage individuals to become better acquainted with the Web3 environment and try their hand at creating something of their own with the help of our guidance and resources.

It is an incontrovertible fact that the Web3 environment is rich with creative potential, though not everyone gets a fair chance to develop their unique ideas. By welcoming our users into the fold, Event Horizon may serve as a starting point for inquisitive Web3 enthusiasts who just need a gentle push. :)

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