🎓Getting Started

☝️Users are advised to either first visit our website or thoroughly peruse this Whitepaper to become acquainted with the outline of the entire project and its principal ideas and mechanics, so as to better manage their resources when purchasing and trading NFT packs.

We also greatly encourage joining our Discord server to fully engage with the project and experience its full potential, seeing as community engagement and the sharing of ideas and resources form the foundations of Event Horizon.

  1. To start, users need to mint an NFT pack using our mint page. Note: NFT packs can be purchased with various ETH, SOL or ADA wallets or by using fiat.

  2. Use your minted NFTs to engage with Event Horizon's narrative aspect by visiting The Storifier; here you will be able to make your NFTs interact with each other and begin to piece together the story of our protagonists' predicament.

  3. Uncover special Clue Glyphs by combining Legendary Tier NFTs in the Storifier.

  4. Engage with the community and work with peers to decipher the Clue Glyphs and reveal our puzzle game feature.

  5. Solve our puzzle game - The Combobulation - by employing critical reasoning and thinking outside the box, (ideally but not necessarily) in cooperation with other users.

  6. Obtain various rewards and benefits by reaching certain milestones - either by being the first to complete them, or by entering a prize pool for everyone who completes them up to a certain date or over the course of a given timespan - the rarest and most difficult achievements to complete will provide exclusive rewards!


Storifier: A central interactive feature of Event Horizon; serves to combine pairs of NFTs in order to progress through the overall story.

The Combobulation: Name given to the puzzle game feature of Event Horizon; refers to the entire process of deciphering a custom-designed alphabet in order to reveal and resolve a series of puzzle-like tasks needed to arrive at the conclusion of the story.

Clue Glyph: A cryptic symbol, part of a unique custom-designed alphabet; Deciphering all possible such symbols is necessary to initiate the next phase of the puzzle game feature.

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