Event Horizon employs a reward system for reaching various milestones in your collection by collecting different thematically related NFT subsets.

In order to make the NFT collection fun and exciting for every holder, regardless of how many packs they have acquired, we have designed a reward system that gives every holder a reason to participate.

There are two types of Achievements: Recurring Collection-Related Challenges and Story Progression Achievements.

The prize pools for different achievements will be allocated as a percentage of overall mint proceeds, as well as ongoing royalty fees from secondary volume.

It will be possible to verify users' story progressions continuously, and collection subsets using the blockchain snapshot mechanism tied to their wallet IDs, after which users will be free to continue trading their NFTs further to unlock other parts of the story or to participate in the recurring collection-related challenges, respectively. For the recurring challenges, the users will have to hold on to certain NFTs until a snapshot has been made on the announced date to verify that certain wallets hold NFT subsets which are part of the ongoing periodical challenge at the time.

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