🔭Season Two & Beyond

Event Horizon aims to establish innovation, collaboration, critical thought and scientific literacy as enduring values on the Cardano blockchain and within the general Web3 environment as a whole. Therefore, our team believes this collection will prove to be a starting point for even more comprehensive projects in the future.

Season Two

First and foremost, we plan to produce a Season Two collection with the help of our community, making full use of users' own creative ideas and feedback.

Season Two will consist of even more stories, challenging puzzle games, and a completely new roster of NFTs to collect and trade.


We also intend to devote a significant portion of Season One proceeds, as outlined in the Tokenomics system, to the creation of our own Development Hub for future projects.

This would entail, among other things:

  • securing better technological resources and increasing the team's skillset and knowledge base,

  • expanding our team by bringing in more creative enthusiasts from different backgrounds and with different areas of expertise, primarily through the Community Involvement strategies,

  • developing new unique use-cases within the Event Horizon universe, as well as future projects,

  • testing out new innovative and disruptive marketing strategies and

  • creating a project launchpad for up-and-coming projects that share similar values (primarily) within the Cardano ecosystem

We are just getting started and we are very excited to work with all of you to uncover what lies ahead!

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