The Storifier

The Storifier is a central interactive feature of Event Horizon.
The purpose of The Storifier is to allow users to make their NFTs interact with each other. Placing any two unique NFT pairs into The Storifier generates a short story describing interactions between the scientists in question.
There are a total of 190 such stories.
The length and content of each story depends on the rarity levels of the NFTs used. The story is revealed incrementally: Bronze Tier NFTs will reveal one third of the story, Silver Tier NFTs will reveal two thirds, and Gold Tier NFTs will reveal the entire story.
Note: When using two NFTs of different rarity levels, the lower-ranked NFT will determine the portion of the story revealed
Using Legendary Tier NFTs in The Storifier reveals a Clue Glyph instead of a story. Clue Glyphs are essential to Event Horizon's other interactive feature - The Combobulation.
The overall majority of stories describe the experience of one scientist arriving in a fictional pocket of spacetime associated with the life and work of the other scientist in the pair. In some cases this results in the two meeting and having a short conversation as well.
Note: A number of stories follow the same trajectories and do not vary greatly in content. This variability is owing to the simple fact that some pairings of scientists lend themselves more readily to fiction than others.
The guiding principle behind designing The Storifier was to provide entertaining narrative and light educational content to accompany the NFTs themselves, as well as to introduce a P2E element into the project, thus incentivizing users to Storify their NFTs and expand their collection.
Note: Using the Storifier does NOT transmute the NFTs used into a new NFT. It only reveals the short story relevant to the pairing in question, and marks them in The Story Log.