🔍The Combobulation

The Combobulation is a term that refers to another central interactive feature of Event Horizon which takes the form of a collaborative puzzle game.

By using Legendary Tier NFTs in The Storifier, users will uncover special Clue Glyphs instead of short stories.

Clue Glyphs are a set of characters comprising a full custom-designed alphabet corresponding to the standard English alphabet and numerals.

Deciphering the Clue Glyph alphabet is the first step to revealing a set of interconnected tasks which will test users' codebreaking skills, critical reasoning and creative thinking. The tasks will require users to perform research into historical scientific documents and interact with a number of different types of media. Completing all tasks will bring special rewards to the entire community in varying degrees, depending on individual levels of engagement and collaboration - once the final piece of the puzzle is solved, rewards will be airdropped to all Season One NFT holders.

Note: While it is not technically necessary to rely heavily on cooperation with other members of the community, Event Horizon highly encourages collaborative effort and The Combobulation feature is designed to promote collective problem-solving.

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