💰The Long And The Short Of It

Learn more about how we’ve designed our Tokenomics system to make our NFTs bring you ROI both short-term and long-term, regardless of your level of investment in the use-cases of the project.

Short Term

We have designed our Tokenomics system in such a way as to primarily incentivize user activity at all times and to ensure that the time, resources and effort invested by holders throughout the duration of the project is worth their while.

We plan to ensure this primarily via the Achievement System, whereby holders will be rewarded with a percentage of overall mint proceeds and royalty fees.

Long Term

However, we wanted to make sure that for those who approach NFTs with more of a collector's mindset as opposed to a 'use-case explorer' one, our NFTs are seen as an equally valid investment.

We plan to invest a significant majority of overall profits into the development of a Season Two, as well as a number of future projects which will explore even more innovative use-cases in the Web3 and Cardano ecosystems - making each NFT perpetually gain value as we keep building.

We hope you will consider joining us in this endeavor.

The following is a graphic breakdown of Event Horizon's entire predicted profit gain by percentages:

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