The Plot

Event Horizon is set in an alternate timeline, starting on March 14th, 2018. On that date, the main protagonist of the story, Stephen Hawking, conducted an experiment using black holes. However, things went awry and he ended up crossing the black hole's Event Horizon, leaving him stranded in unkown reaches of spacetime.
Reaching out from beyond the Event Horizon, he attempted to bring twenty of the brightest minds in history together (himself included) to resolve humanity’s most pressing issues, and hopefully to save his own life.
The experiment was a partial success - everyone, including himself, was transported somewhere, a space and time defying our currently known laws of physics. If there was any hope of saving humanity, they would first need to save themselves...
And you can help them! Collect NFTs and use our Storifier to find out how the first chapter of the story unfolds: Season One covers the details of where our protagonists found themselves and how they fared. Uncover puzzle pieces embedded in the stories to unlock the Season ending.
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