💸Sales Model

Learn more about how we designed our mint to be engaging, from the first pack to the last.

Our basic unit of sales is a pack of 5 NFTs.

There will be a total of 1,954 such packs. The collection will be sold in four stages, each containing one quarter of the entire collection (with a margin of one pack of 5 NFTs).

Each Phase will begin shortly after the previous one has minted out, with the Whitelist mints being applicable for every Phase.

  1. Stage One starts at ₳50 per pack, while all subsequent stages' prices will incrementally increase by ₳20, thus:

  2. Stage Two: ₳70.

  3. Stage Three: ₳90.

  4. Stage Four: ₳110.

Once Stage One has minted out, Stage Two will begin shortly after, and so on. Each stage will contain every scientist portrait belonging to the following Tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. However, Legendary scientists will be distributed evenly over all four stages, meaning that in each stage it will only be possible to acquire one quarter of Legendary scientists.

With this strategy implemented two things happen: Firstly, holders of Bronze, Silver or Gold Tier NFTs will be free to use the first interactive feature of Event Horizon - The Storifier - to begin to progress throughout the Season One Story or even reveal the entire story leading up to the conclusion - unlocked by completing The Combobulation - the project's community-collaboration reliant crown feature, building their Story Log and thus unlocking various story-progression related Achievements.

Secondly, since each phase contains only a portion of The Protagonists' portraits in the Legendary variant, there is no chance for all the high-value tokens to get minted early on, thus making each pack worth minting up until the last one. Holders will be able to participate in all Achievement Challenges that do not require unreleased Legendary scientists. Throughout all four stages, holders will be free to engage with the second interactive feature as well - The Combobulation - which represents the disentanglement and resolution of the entire story, however it will only become completely solvable at the end of Stage Four, when all Legendary Tier scientists have been released, revealing all possible Clue Glyphs. Note: In theory, it is possible to solve The Combobulation without all the Code Glyphs deciphered, albeit significantly more difficult.

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