Event Horizon is an interactive story Cardano NFT collection utilizing P2E & puzzle game mechanics, featuring portraits of famous scientists.

The Vision

The main purpose of Event Horizon is to spread awareness of the importance of a DYOR approach, critical thinking and collaboration, while also underlining the importance of science as a catalyst for social change. We aim to endorse and uphold the aforementioned values in the Web3 space, and consequently promote such values in the collective consciousness of our generation.
Coming from various academic and professional backgrounds, we are an interdisciplinary team looking for new approaches in the Web3 ecosystem with the intent of creating a healthier environment for everyone.

The Collection

The NFT collection features portraits of 20 renowned and prominent scientists from history depicted in a comic-book art style, coming in various rarity levels, more specifically Bronze, Silver, Gold and Legendary.
The total supply of the Season One collection is 9770 NFTs. The collection is divided into packs of 5, making for a total of 1954 packs (see Sales Model to learn more). This incremental and discretized sales approach is due to the fact that features of the collection rely heavily on interactions between the NFTs in your collection.
Additionally, the built-in interactive elements are designed to encourage independent research, creative thinking and cooperation, all while learning more about some of the most inspirational thinkers of centuries past and how their lives have influenced the here and now in an entertaining and engaging manner.
Note: Following official Mint launch, the contents of Event Horizon's Whitepaper will be subject to changes if and when deemed necessary, in order to reflect real changes in the evolution of the project as a whole, as well as the Cardano ecosystem and its technological limitations.
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